The Relationship Between Alaina Marie Mathers, Eminem And Scott

About Alaina :

Alaina is not a superstar or famous as she opened her eyes to this world. She was adopted by the king of rapper Eminem and his ex-wife who is the aunt of Alaina a twin sister of her mother Dawn Scott. The registered birth name of the Alaina is Amanda Marie Scott but when Eminem adopted her he and his ex-wife changed her name as Alaina . The nickname of this child star is Lainey. He was born on 3rd May 1993 and she is just a teenager.

Mother OF Alaina :

Her mother was the twin sister of Kim who adopted her with her ex-husband. Both the twin sisters were born on 9th Jan 1975. They grew old under very complicated and difficult time. They did not live with their mother and stepfather which not their good time. They both left their home and started to live in a youth home. When Kim and Eminem met with each other both sister leave that shelter and started to live with Eminem at his home. So in that way the actual mother of Alaina is Dawn Scott she got addicted to drugs due to that she died on 19th Jan 2016 just because of taking the extra dose of heroin. Her mother was found dead in her home.  The name of Alaina is hidden from the world no one knows that her father’s name her family is totally mysterious.

About Alaina:

Alaina is just a teenager and is not married or engaged now. Even she has no boyfriend till know. She does not like to share too much about her life. She has two sisters and they both are known and labeled as the daughters of Eminem over the media. He loves both of them and very caring about them. It does not doubt that there is a complicated story of Eminem life but still he gives a luxury and good life to his children.

Eminem’s Daughter:

One of the daughters of Eminem is known as Hailie Jade Scott Mathers. She was born in 995. She is the daughter of both Kim and Eminem as well. Eminem was married to the sister of dawn’s twin sister and the aunt of Alaina in 1999 to 2001 but after passing few years the couple got divorced in 2006 and ends their relationship because of some critical situations. There is another child of Kim Whitney Scott Mathers who was born just because of her relationship with Eric Hatter. So in that way Alaina is the cousin of both kids of Kimberly Scott. Moreover from the time when Eminem takes the custody of three kids he loves them as their own daughters and grew them together without any difference. The three are also living as a sister in the home of Eminem. The daughter of Dawn Scott Alaina Marie Mathers basically is not their real sister but more than a real one for them. She has a great personality and beautiful by nature.

Best social media apps for Chinese people

The dynamics of world’s population has changed and about 25 hours in a week of a person’s life are spent on social media. So is the case with the massive Chinese population. China is believed to be the country that has a lot of social media applications and people share multimedia content on regular basis. Many social sites work really well according to the demand. In the competition of social media, China is competing really well maybe because of the large population of this country. The social media channels that are used by Chinese population a lot are here.


This is actually an app of instant messaging on which the person can also transmit short voice messages. The length of voice messages is up to one minute. In the market for social media channels, this was the first application to introduce this feature. This also provides an opportunity to make a close network of individuals in which the people in contact list can be viewed. Also, the concept of “moments” is there that can be shared with others. This is the collection of small messages containing images, videos, texts, and links.

The activities of a person can be broadcasted directly about the variety of subjects he wants to show his opinion on. There are a lot of new features introduced in Instagram also like Instagram Followers that make it a platform with multiple purposes.


Weibo is a really famous Chinese social media site that is used by most of the Chinese. This provides the features of both Facebook as well as Twitter. The content on this network is shared really fast and it has also become an amazing platform for the marketing of brands. The articles of every size along with hyperlinks, pictures, videos, and comments can be added. Every trending topic is discussed over this network to make it active among all the other social media platforms. The advertisements make some of the users reluctant and they switch to other networks but still, this is the largest network used in the market of China. It is going through a lot of transformations to gain success in the Chinese market.


This is a community site that is specially made for women. Women fashion in Chinese world is discussed over this network and all the symbols of beauty are determined here. All the latest trends in the fashion industry of Chinese world are present on this website. The dynamic about women clothing, makeup, fashion, cosmetics, accessories as well as shoes, everything is present here. The registered users of this network are 150 million and among them, about 3.2 million people use it on regular basis. The page views of this website are 164 million per day. This shows that this website has a lot of user engagement. The white-collar women between the ages of 20 – 35 are more interested in this network. More users come from the areas that are developing really fast in the Chinese world.


Instagram is one of the top favorite photo sharing mobile app. Currently as #1 app in young generation and business. Everyone can get famous with it and specially if you are posting videos, then you can buy Instagram views.

Types of renewable energy

Renewable energy resources are those who are never ending resources and are available extensively across the globe. They include energy from sun, winds, living thing wastes and other. They have a lot of advantages. This raw material is readily available, the cost of production is minimum and available in abundance above all they are environmentally friendly. Renewable energy resources include solar energy, wind energy, ocean current energy and biomass energy. These energy resources are producing low-cost electricity. With these energies, even a house has its power generation facility. Let us discuss types of renewable energy resources.

Solar energy:

Solar energy is also known as photovoltaic is one of the extensively used energy resources. This, as the name shows are energy, produces by rays of the sun. Solar energy panels are installed to get sunlight and then transfer that into electricity. Many people are now changing their power source to solar. This is like one-time cost which will prevent you from monthly electricity bills. It is widely used everywhere in the world. South Asia and China are two large regions using and depending upon solar power for energy resources.

Wind power:

Windmills are used to produce wind electrical power. Wind power is one of the most reliable energy producing sources. Initially, wind energy requires the huge cost to develop, however after initial cost it is one of the cheapest source, which is available throughout the year. These initial costs are also declining day by day to yield more economic in production energy from wind power.


We all know that core of the earth is scalding. So our intelligent science finds the way to use this heat. They use that heat in the production of energy resources. Hot springs or hydrothermal circulation is used to spin turbines and produce heat. It is also sustainable and reliable energy producing source. We can get about 1031 joule heat energy. This is one of the readily available and low-cost energy generating sources. There are some countries which are producing more than 15% of their electricity through geothermal turbines.


Biomass energy is the perfect picture of the fact that GOD has created nothing in waste. Biomass is simply organic material of living thing. However, people use some methods of this type of energy for centuries, i.e., burning of wood. However, in latest developments, they are used to produces energy to be used as electricity. Latest development focus on no production of carbon dioxide. This is clean burning biofuels which is alternative of fossil fuels.

Tidal Power:

Tidal powers are like wind energy. This is one of the oldest energy producing source. Tide mills are used since ancient Rome and middle ages. Originally, it was a costly process to setup energy producing plants. However, with the help of latest technology new improved and low-cost mechanisms are introduced.

Above mentioned are some of the types of renewable energy. These energies are overcoming fossil fuel. These are not only economical but are environmental friendly.

Why women love Pinterest more than anything

Females are heavy users of social media channels and this is proved to be true in case of Pinterest. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and Pinterest is a network solely based on picture posts to attract consumers. Female consumers constitute a large portion of the market and the number of females using Pinterest is increasing day after day. This is said to be the social media application that is 3rd most popular on social media. Facts state that about 70 percent of users on Pinterest are women and they are the basic reason behind the success of this network. There are multiple reasons behind this fact and few of them are described below.

Trust factor

Buy Instagram LikesIn terms of shopping, women always trust the opinion of other women especially the ones that are from their own circle. The study shows that 47 percent of women tend to buy products that are recommended by other women. This fact has driven many brands to market their product on Pinterest so that maximum traffic can be obtained and the sales level to increase. The followers on this network are grown overnight and the exposure, as well as a number of products, has increased just because they have trust over this network.


The network of Pinterest is really simple and free from any kind of fuss. The clean environment makes it easy to browse multiple products for women. The main components behind the success of any marketing strategy are delighted consumer and ease of use; both of these are presented to the consumer in the form of Pinterest. The layout of this network is really appealing and the picture is presented with less text that helps in analyzing the quality of the product in a much better way. The interface offers a lot of simplicity as compared to Facebook.

Innovative and cool ways to market the product

There are multiple ways to attract consumers. Companies offer gifts to the consumers for pinning their posts and as a result, they get pinned in a lot of posts. When women comment and pin the posts, the publicity of their product increase and they experience a boost in sales. Other than this, many other cool ways are used to attract consumers towards the brand. On the other hand woman interaction is also high on Instagram, If you want to focus also on Instagram, you can buy real active Instagram followers.

Knowing consumer interests

Women have a high level of involvement on Pinterest and in this way, the brands can have better insight into the interests of consumers. In every section of the market, influential figures can be identified and then the marketing can be done by following the same pattern. The trends that are most liked and pinned by consumers are taken into consideration. This has provided an amazing way to the companies for conducting market research. This serves as an open window for the marketers to know interests of the people using the product. Also, the research about the acceptance of the particular product in the market can be conducted. Women have provided an amazing opportunity to brands for marketing the products.

Some interesting facts about Sahara desert

Zug Moroccan Sahara desert is located in the North Africa. It is the third largest desert in the world. Top two largest deserts in the world include the Arctic and Antarctica deserts. It is the hottest desert in the world while the other two deserts are cool as compared to the Sahara. Several million people visit this place due to the several interesting facts. In the east of the Sahara, Niger valley is located. It covers the large area of the Tunisia, Moroccan Sahara, Mali, Chad, Algeria and Western Sahara. The desert is divided into various regions such as the Western Sahara, Moroccan Sahara, Tibesti Mountains, Libyan Desert and many other areas. All of these regions are mostly arid and the living of the animals is not possible to the most of the places.

Interesting facts about climate

  1. The climate of the desert is very dry and hot.
  2. Most of the desert gets less than an inch of the rain in a year while the rest of the desert gets the 4 inches rain per year.
  3. Winds in the desert mostly reach to the hurricane level. This hurricane level causes the sand storms in the desert.

Interesting facts about the geography

  1. The highest peak in the Sahara is the volcano Emi Koussi. It is located in the northern had in the mountain range of the Tibesti Mountains.
  2. Some famous mountains in the desert include Hugger Mountain, Air mountains, Saharan Atlas and the red sea Hills range in the Sahara.
  3. Sand dunes and ergs are found in the desert. These sand dunes are the gatherings of the sand in the high-level range. Some of the sand dunes reach up to the 590 feet.
  4. Most of the Sahara does not have very much sand. It has the rocky places with the barren land.
  5. Greenery is not found in the desert because of the less rain per year.

Other interesting facts about Zug Moroccan Sahara

Some of the other facts related to the Sahara are as follows:

  1. Word Sahara is derived from the Arabic which means “The desert”.
  2. Animals living is for the animals which do not require more water for the sustainability.
  3. Horse and camel riding is used in the desert to travel. These are the major transportation mode for people that allows them to travel from one place to other in the desert.
  4. Sahara is the most interesting place for the visitors and many million people visit this place each year due to its unique architecture and climate.
  5. Visitors have to keep a close eye on the climate and are only advised to visit the area when the climate is not too harsh.
  6. The Sahara is the place where driving is a very difficult task and requires the driver who has experience of the driving in the desert with the visitors.


So, these are some interesting facts about the Sahara Desert. If you are about to visit the place, make sure that you know each and everything about it. Visiting it without any prior knowledge may cause some bad experience.