Types of renewable energy

Renewable energy resources are those who are never ending resources and are available extensively across the globe. They include energy from sun, winds, living thing wastes and other. They have a lot of advantages. This raw material is readily available, the cost of production is minimum and available in abundance above all they are environmentally friendly. Renewable energy resources include solar energy, wind energy, ocean current energy and biomass energy. These energy resources are producing low-cost electricity. With these energies, even a house has its power generation facility. Let us discuss types of renewable energy resources.

Solar energy:

Solar energy is also known as photovoltaic is one of the extensively used energy resources. This, as the name shows are energy, produces by rays of the sun. Solar energy panels are installed to get sunlight and then transfer that into electricity. Many people are now changing their power source to solar. This is like one-time cost which will prevent you from monthly electricity bills. It is widely used everywhere in the world. South Asia and China are two large regions using and depending upon solar power for energy resources.

Wind power:

Windmills are used to produce wind electrical power. Wind power is one of the most reliable energy producing sources. Initially, wind energy requires the huge cost to develop, however after initial cost it is one of the cheapest source, which is available throughout the year. These initial costs are also declining day by day to yield more economic in production energy from wind power.


We all know that core of the earth is scalding. So our intelligent science finds the way to use this heat. They use that heat in the production of energy resources. Hot springs or hydrothermal circulation is used to spin turbines and produce heat. It is also sustainable and reliable energy producing source. We can get about 1031 joule heat energy. This is one of the readily available and low-cost energy generating sources. There are some countries which are producing more than 15% of their electricity through geothermal turbines.


Biomass energy is the perfect picture of the fact that GOD has created nothing in waste. Biomass is simply organic material of living thing. However, people use some methods of this type of energy for centuries, i.e., burning of wood. However, in latest developments, they are used to produces energy to be used as electricity. Latest development focus on no production of carbon dioxide. This is clean burning biofuels which is alternative of fossil fuels.

Tidal Power:

Tidal powers are like wind energy. This is one of the oldest energy producing source. Tide mills are used since ancient Rome and middle ages. Originally, it was a costly process to setup energy producing plants. However, with the help of latest technology new improved and low-cost mechanisms are introduced.

Above mentioned are some of the types of renewable energy. These energies are overcoming fossil fuel. These are not only economical but are environmental friendly.