Why women love Pinterest more than anything

Females are heavy users of social media channels and this is proved to be true in case of Pinterest. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and Pinterest is a network solely based on picture posts to attract consumers. Female consumers constitute a large portion of the market and the number of females using Pinterest is increasing day after day. This is said to be the social media application that is 3rd most popular on social media. Facts state that about 70 percent of users on Pinterest are women and they are the basic reason behind the success of this network. There are multiple reasons behind this fact and few of them are described below.

Trust factor

Buy Instagram LikesIn terms of shopping, women always trust the opinion of other women especially the ones that are from their own circle. The study shows that 47 percent of women tend to buy products that are recommended by other women. This fact has driven many brands to market their product on Pinterest so that maximum traffic can be obtained and the sales level to increase. The followers on this network are grown overnight and the exposure, as well as a number of products, has increased just because they have trust over this network.


The network of Pinterest is really simple and free from any kind of fuss. The clean environment makes it easy to browse multiple products for women. The main components behind the success of any marketing strategy are delighted consumer and ease of use; both of these are presented to the consumer in the form of Pinterest. The layout of this network is really appealing and the picture is presented with less text that helps in analyzing the quality of the product in a much better way. The interface offers a lot of simplicity as compared to Facebook.

Innovative and cool ways to market the product

There are multiple ways to attract consumers. Companies offer gifts to the consumers for pinning their posts and as a result, they get pinned in a lot of posts. When women comment and pin the posts, the publicity of their product increase and they experience a boost in sales. Other than this, many other cool ways are used to attract consumers towards the brand. On the other hand woman interaction is also high on Instagram, If you want to focus also on Instagram, you can buy real active Instagram followers.

Knowing consumer interests

Women have a high level of involvement on Pinterest and in this way, the brands can have better insight into the interests of consumers. In every section of the market, influential figures can be identified and then the marketing can be done by following the same pattern. The trends that are most liked and pinned by consumers are taken into consideration. This has provided an amazing way to the companies for conducting market research. This serves as an open window for the marketers to know interests of the people using the product. Also, the research about the acceptance of the particular product in the market can be conducted. Women have provided an amazing opportunity to brands for marketing the products.