Best social media apps for Chinese people

The dynamics of world’s population has changed and about 25 hours in a week of a person’s life are spent on social media. So is the case with the massive Chinese population. China is believed to be the country that has a lot of social media applications and people share multimedia content on regular basis. Many social sites work really well according to the demand. In the competition of social media, China is competing really well maybe because of the large population of this country. The social media channels that are used by Chinese population a lot are here.


This is actually an app of instant messaging on which the person can also transmit short voice messages. The length of voice messages is up to one minute. In the market for social media channels, this was the first application to introduce this feature. This also provides an opportunity to make a close network of individuals in which the people in contact list can be viewed. Also, the concept of “moments” is there that can be shared with others. This is the collection of small messages containing images, videos, texts, and links.

The activities of a person can be broadcasted directly about the variety of subjects he wants to show his opinion on. There are a lot of new features introduced in Instagram also like Instagram Followers that make it a platform with multiple purposes.


Weibo is a really famous Chinese social media site that is used by most of the Chinese. This provides the features of both Facebook as well as Twitter. The content on this network is shared really fast and it has also become an amazing platform for the marketing of brands. The articles of every size along with hyperlinks, pictures, videos, and comments can be added. Every trending topic is discussed over this network to make it active among all the other social media platforms. The advertisements make some of the users reluctant and they switch to other networks but still, this is the largest network used in the market of China. It is going through a lot of transformations to gain success in the Chinese market.


This is a community site that is specially made for women. Women fashion in Chinese world is discussed over this network and all the symbols of beauty are determined here. All the latest trends in the fashion industry of Chinese world are present on this website. The dynamic about women clothing, makeup, fashion, cosmetics, accessories as well as shoes, everything is present here. The registered users of this network are 150 million and among them, about 3.2 million people use it on regular basis. The page views of this website are 164 million per day. This shows that this website has a lot of user engagement. The white-collar women between the ages of 20 – 35 are more interested in this network. More users come from the areas that are developing really fast in the Chinese world.


Instagram is one of the top favorite photo sharing mobile app. Currently as #1 app in young generation and business. Everyone can get famous with it and specially if you are posting videos, then you can buy Instagram views.