Some interesting facts about Sahara desert

Zug Moroccan Sahara desert is located in the North Africa. It is the third largest desert in the world. Top two largest deserts in the world include the Arctic and Antarctica deserts. It is the hottest desert in the world while the other two deserts are cool as compared to the Sahara. Several million people visit this place due to the several interesting facts. In the east of the Sahara, Niger valley is located. It covers the large area of the Tunisia, Moroccan Sahara, Mali, Chad, Algeria and Western Sahara. The desert is divided into various regions such as the Western Sahara, Moroccan Sahara, Tibesti Mountains, Libyan Desert and many other areas. All of these regions are mostly arid and the living of the animals is not possible to the most of the places.

Interesting facts about climate

  1. The climate of the desert is very dry and hot.
  2. Most of the desert gets less than an inch of the rain in a year while the rest of the desert gets the 4 inches rain per year.
  3. Winds in the desert mostly reach to the hurricane level. This hurricane level causes the sand storms in the desert.

Interesting facts about the geography

  1. The highest peak in the Sahara is the volcano Emi Koussi. It is located in the northern had in the mountain range of the Tibesti Mountains.
  2. Some famous mountains in the desert include Hugger Mountain, Air mountains, Saharan Atlas and the red sea Hills range in the Sahara.
  3. Sand dunes and ergs are found in the desert. These sand dunes are the gatherings of the sand in the high-level range. Some of the sand dunes reach up to the 590 feet.
  4. Most of the Sahara does not have very much sand. It has the rocky places with the barren land.
  5. Greenery is not found in the desert because of the less rain per year.

Other interesting facts about Zug Moroccan Sahara

Some of the other facts related to the Sahara are as follows:

  1. Word Sahara is derived from the Arabic which means “The desert”.
  2. Animals living is for the animals which do not require more water for the sustainability.
  3. Horse and camel riding is used in the desert to travel. These are the major transportation mode for people that allows them to travel from one place to other in the desert.
  4. Sahara is the most interesting place for the visitors and many million people visit this place each year due to its unique architecture and climate.
  5. Visitors have to keep a close eye on the climate and are only advised to visit the area when the climate is not too harsh.
  6. The Sahara is the place where driving is a very difficult task and requires the driver who has experience of the driving in the desert with the visitors.


So, these are some interesting facts about the Sahara Desert. If you are about to visit the place, make sure that you know each and everything about it. Visiting it without any prior knowledge may cause some bad experience.