The Relationship Between Alaina Marie Mathers, Eminem And Scott

About Alaina :

Alaina is not a superstar or famous as she opened her eyes to this world. She was adopted by the king of rapper Eminem and his ex-wife who is the aunt of Alaina a twin sister of her mother Dawn Scott. The registered birth name of the Alaina is Amanda Marie Scott but when Eminem adopted her he and his ex-wife changed her name as Alaina . The nickname of this child star is Lainey. He was born on 3rd May 1993 and she is just a teenager.

Mother OF Alaina :

Her mother was the twin sister of Kim who adopted her with her ex-husband. Both the twin sisters were born on 9th Jan 1975. They grew old under very complicated and difficult time. They did not live with their mother and stepfather which not their good time. They both left their home and started to live in a youth home. When Kim and Eminem met with each other both sister leave that shelter and started to live with Eminem at his home. So in that way the actual mother of Alaina is Dawn Scott she got addicted to drugs due to that she died on 19th Jan 2016 just because of taking the extra dose of heroin. Her mother was found dead in her home.  The name of Alaina is hidden from the world no one knows that her father’s name her family is totally mysterious.

About Alaina:

Alaina is just a teenager and is not married or engaged now. Even she has no boyfriend till know. She does not like to share too much about her life. She has two sisters and they both are known and labeled as the daughters of Eminem over the media. He loves both of them and very caring about them. It does not doubt that there is a complicated story of Eminem life but still he gives a luxury and good life to his children.

Eminem’s Daughter:

One of the daughters of Eminem is known as Hailie Jade Scott Mathers. She was born in 995. She is the daughter of both Kim and Eminem as well. Eminem was married to the sister of dawn’s twin sister and the aunt of Alaina in 1999 to 2001 but after passing few years the couple got divorced in 2006 and ends their relationship because of some critical situations. There is another child of Kim Whitney Scott Mathers who was born just because of her relationship with Eric Hatter. So in that way Alaina is the cousin of both kids of Kimberly Scott. Moreover from the time when Eminem takes the custody of three kids he loves them as their own daughters and grew them together without any difference. The three are also living as a sister in the home of Eminem. The daughter of Dawn Scott Alaina Marie Mathers basically is not their real sister but more than a real one for them. She has a great personality and beautiful by nature.